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ClusterPuck 99 is a sporty competitive sports game about sports based on athletics! Featuring 8-player, local competitive action on your PC or Mac. Coming soon to a console near you! For additional information check out our website


Score the puck in your opponent's goal! Avoid the spikes and use boosters to your advantage to avoid other players! Choose between our two game modes: Timed and Score. Timed game mode is the team with the most goals by the end of the set time limit is victorious. Score mode is the first team to reached the score amount wins. 


Mouse and keyboard: Edit

  • Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Aim: Mouse Pointer
  • Shoot/Boost: Mouse Button 1 or SPACE
  • Charge Shot/Break: Shift

Controller: Edit

  • Movement: Left Stick
  • Aim: Right Stick
  • Shoot/Boost: A Button or Right Bumper
  • Charge Shot/Break: Left Bumper

Customization Edit

Players are able to customize their pucks with various icons provided in game. Edit

Level List Edit

  • Triangle
  • Boring
  • Pinwheels
  • Spectacle Rock
  • Sadist
  • Plank
  • Cell-block H
  • Radial
  • Islands
  • Elepant
  • Minefield
  • Hexagons
  • Red Valley
  • Sky Grid
  • Castles
  • Padlock
  • Spooky
  • Super footy
  • Concentric
  • Roulette


Badges are awarded after each round if players meet the criteria

  • Untouchable: Least deaths
  • Sir Diesalot: Most deaths
  • Sharpshooter: Most goals
  • Traitor: Most Oopsies
  • Useless: You did nothing
  • Assistant: Most Assists
  • ShotBlocker: Most Blocked Goals
  • Roughhouser: Most Checks

8 Controller Support Edit

ClusterPuck 99 supports upto 8 controllers on the PC. There are many ways to connect this many controllers to your PC and our game supports all types of controls as long as the buttons are mapped like a 360 controller. You also can combine all types of controller. You can use any combination of different wired and wireless controllers as long as they are mapped with 360 buttons. Once all your controllers are connected then you can start up ClusterPuck 99 and it will recognize all controllers that are connected.

NOTE: You must have all your controllers setup and connected before starting ClusterPuck 99. If you want to connect more controllers at any time, you must quit out of the game, connect all additional controllers and then start the game back up. It will not recognize additional controllers that were connected mid-game!

Xbox 360 Controllers Edit

Our prefered method of connecting 8 controls requires two 360 wireless receivers and eight 360 controllers. Each wireless receiver can manage up to 4 xbox 360 controllers. For more information for connecting the wireless receiver check out the microsoft help page and the driver downloads page. For information on connected wired 360 controllers check here.

Xbox One Controllers Edit

You can use xbox one controllers via Major Nelsons post.

PS4 Controller Edit

PS4 Controllers also work. To install them check out the DS4 XInput tool here.

Third Party Controllers Edit

For third party controllers you can try remapping the controls via Joy2Key if you are using PC, or USB Overdrive if you are using Mac.

Troubleshooting Edit

If you have trouble with the controllers, try unconnected all controls and then reconnected them one at a time. Sometimes if multiple controllers are connected at the same time, it can double up the inputs, causing a player to be duplicated in the game.

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